Made with love :)

It's Game Night!

These quirky little things are made with actual vintage pawns from Chinese boardgames and domino pieces. Each piece is beautiful with embossed etchings on it.

The domino pieces have a lovely wooden running horse embossed on the back of it.

We wanted to make things a bit fun too for you to buy these pieces.
So here is how it goes,

For these round and square pendants, you can choose:
the color of the pendant- red/blue

And we will surprise you with a random pairing of pendant + chain.
Order a domino piece and we will surprise you with a random pairing of pendant + chain.

So your order can go like this:

"1 piece red Game Night neck candy "


"1 piece blue Game Night neck candy"


"1 piece domino Game Night neck candy"

Make your payment of only RM15 and wait for your random neck candy to come to you!

Also, you can get the matching bracelets!

Email us at to make your order.

And the SALE goes on!

We will still be bringing you our ridiculously price slashed goodies on the TIC Turf at Urbanscapes!

Come and shop your flipflops off in a 12 hour festival of fun!

Padang Astaka Petaling Jaya 16 July 2011 12pm-12am.

We can't wait!


We are going to be really cheap. Erm not us, our stuff. Well you get it :)

Goodies priced as low as RM1! Better believe it. Even spare change could get you plenty of goodies!

Make sure you come down to the Chic Pop Street Market. We'll be near The Bee!

It's been a while...

Sorry for the long silence, the Brollies have been apart for a while :(
Well we weren't separated by something as awesome as purple rain, just work, time and distance. Double :(

Fret not, we are reuniting for the awesomeness that is Chic Pop Street Market 8 and Urbanscapes!

We will be having a SALE!!!
Our sale will be kicking off at Chic Pop 8 and prices start as low as RM1.
We promise to bring you really good deals and make sure that you walk away with a whole bunch of affordable goodies.

So please come visit us at these 2 upcoming events :)

Chic Pop 8
Jaya One
25th June 2011 (Saturday)
10AM - 6PM

Padang Astaka
16th July 2011 (Saturday)

Will update you guys with more details as we get it for both events.

Moon Monday, we say!

More bracelets because we were just obsessed with bracelets of late.

So today we have some real beauties for you. A bracelet that can stand on it's on to give that perfect minimal outfit a Bang! or you could layer it with our many other types of bracelets or even our necklaces (which you can loop round your wrist for a more textured effect). It comes in 3 colours so if your feelin 1 colour just ain't enough Heck get all 3 =)

Ready-made pieces are limited only so if your too late you will have to place an order for re-makes!
Have an awesome monday!

Brace yourselves Sunday!!!

Back by popular demand!
Easy to wear bracelets [checked!]
Colorful [checked!]
Non-jangerly-jang-jang/clankerty-clank-clank [checked!]

Vintage with a twist.

We hope you like em' and yes we may be a tad bit snail-paced this time round but rest assured it's because we're cracking our heads to come up with new twists.

So how do you wear em'?

There's more to come in the following days. We're just pacing ourselves.
If you are in the fine neighbourhood of Subang drop by and say Hi! all our new stuff is on display there.
So if you want first dibs then get ur arse to the shop!!!

Happy Sunday!