Brollies! Weekend out! Come visit!

Brollies is going to be at BUZZ-aR @ Jeumpa D’ramo this weekend
1– 2 May 2009.

It starts from 10am to 6pm.

Do drop by the address is:
102 – 104 Jalan Bukit Bandaraya,
59100 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

We've got a map if ur interested!

We be unleashing new stuff this weekend!

Wheee! wednesday. think summer.

Summery delights!


Combination of chain and a colour explosion of weaves. If your lookin for things that POP! check out todays uploads! layer them with anything matched or mismatched!

tuesday. it ain't over till the necklaces sing!

What can we say except these necklaces are inspired by our obsessions and things that tickles our nerves. Can't ever say no to an owl, and isin't p-l-a-t-i-p-u-s the cutest thing to be pronounced! ok enuff babble!

back to work =)

tuesday. feels like it should be pasta with extra rings on top!

Sorry for the silence, Brollies' sweatshop still churning out other stuff!
But for now am afraid we're still obsessed with rings =p






Friday. Pretty Damn Raw. Bracelets.Batman!

U saw our pretty damn raw rings, now new stuff under the pretty damn raw collection. yes bracelets!! layer them rock them like the boho-rock-chic that u are. Or just rock it with any damn thing.

These are made to order we would need your wrist measurements to ensure it fits u just nice, if ur worried that they clank n make noise they don't! Magnetic clasp easy to wear yo.


Kaching. it's thursday. batman!

Just a few new pieces to add to our body chain collection.
These are tailored made to wear so if your interested drop us a mail!

Howdy-doody. whimsy pieces of things we dream.

for more info just drop us a mail pendants go from left to right (1-12)

i spy with my little eye...

the difference between I am a carnation and I am a carnation 2 is the chain gold and bronze.
you can request for the chains to be changes to either chains or to be strung with pearls =)
just let us know and we will wave our lil magic wand and change em for u!

holy tweeting.bird flapping robin.batman!

yes we love owls, no we don't tire finding ways to wear owls =)
we also love our other winged friends!!

Tweet!: Sold out!

tippy-toes. dancing shoes. magic fingers. pony!

Hi there,

Today we be bombarding this space with random whimsical hadmade stuff so stay tuned! =)

sparkly as seen in image above is beaded purple, it also comes in beaded midnight blue and beaded sunset bronze.