We are going to be really cheap. Erm not us, our stuff. Well you get it :)

Goodies priced as low as RM1! Better believe it. Even spare change could get you plenty of goodies!

Make sure you come down to the Chic Pop Street Market. We'll be near The Bee!

It's been a while...

Sorry for the long silence, the Brollies have been apart for a while :(
Well we weren't separated by something as awesome as purple rain, just work, time and distance. Double :(

Fret not, we are reuniting for the awesomeness that is Chic Pop Street Market 8 and Urbanscapes!

We will be having a SALE!!!
Our sale will be kicking off at Chic Pop 8 and prices start as low as RM1.
We promise to bring you really good deals and make sure that you walk away with a whole bunch of affordable goodies.

So please come visit us at these 2 upcoming events :)

Chic Pop 8
Jaya One
25th June 2011 (Saturday)
10AM - 6PM

Padang Astaka
16th July 2011 (Saturday)

Will update you guys with more details as we get it for both events.