Sunday. almost but this is.

We called this range sunday.
Due to it's laidback easy to wear nature; no clasp, no chains getting tangled or broken. Just wear it round your neck loop it through and Presto! We find this a good 'go-to-accessory' when you don't have time to figure out you ensemble, when you want to jazz up a basic outfit but don't want the hassle of putting on so many layers or have something chunky.

It's just like how a sunday should be, no hassle, relaxed but still chic.

more colors to come for this range.

Thursday. All we are thinking of is Friday.

Yay new range unveiled!
It's a play of textures and colors, wear them to work or wear them on a night out and it will definitely add some depth to your outfit. For this range you find most of them are long necklaces for a more laidback chic look. Layer them if you like we encourage you to make it into your own style.

We take in tailored orders for this range, if you prefer it a certain length (longer/shorter) or would like to add an extra something. Just drop us a mail.

Stay tuned one more suprise for this range comin up real soon!

tea time. wristful of goodies. once more

in olive green

in light blue

also available in red, black, navy blue, purple, yellow

in yellow

in light blue

also available in navy blue, purple, olive green, black and red

Hello.Saturday. three days away!

More of our new range!
First taste of our necklaces, there's still plenty more to come. This range sets a different tone when it comes to colourful accesories. It plays with mixtures of texture/materials that makes its pop without looking too OTT.

wristful of goodies that POP!

suede+leather mix laces with easy button clasp.
we love things that POP!

tuesday.tea time. wristful goodies!

it's tea time!
we've got some wristful goodies for you, perfect on it's own and great for layering!
(minus the clunky noise) with easy to wear clasps.

Also back by demand are a new range of button clasp bracelets!

button clasp

button clasp

stay tuned for more because we kindda got carried away with these =p
also we're having new pop-up blurts! which provides mini snippets of ways to play with our accessories!

Making basics pop #7811312

all items of clothing above are used strictly for styling purposes only

Making basics pop #214351

simple basic tank or a striped one pair it with a lazy flowy skirt add some prints (shoes) and finish it off with something colourful =)

all items of clothing above are used strictly for styling purposes only

Making basics pop #8309472

nothing like bringing a basic ensemble to the next level guys!
all items of clothing used above are used strictly for styling purposes only

AISEY. it's monday.

But ZOMG we got stuff to cheer u up!

don't worry more things are just gonna keep on comin!

Making basics pop #983294

nothing wrong with comfy basics so why not jazz them up a lil =)
(all items of clothing above are used strictly for styling purposes only)

Sunday. let's get vocal!

yeap! we weren't kiddin bout the getting vocal part *winks*

we've expanded a lil and decided to give our words a lil more UmPh! than usual. nothing like a lil junk in the trunk to get your chunky accessory fetish on.

gurls you can get em' for your guys
guys you can get em' for your gurls

We ain't done yet!
So keep watching this space!


Yeap, so if you see any of our stuff that you like and may want a little personal tweaking. Just drop us a mail and we will see what we can do ;)

Christmas is also just around the corner so if you want to get a head start on your present preps we are taking in orders now.

TIll then stay tuned for more updates.

control colon D. HAHA. It's Saturday yo!

You know what they say "laughter is the best medicine" :D

KABOOMZ!!! It's Saturday!

this ain't for the faint hearted!
this is one bracelet that just can't keep quiet!

Friday. We're just gonna go out on a limb here and say....


We've got a bunch of stuff once more!
But we are starting off with these limbed beauties, definitely a conversational piece!
Snug as a bug with their very own Mary Jane's =)

Just drop us a mail for more info.

Giving a little love to this homegrown lovely :)

This girl is making waves and going places.

Get her album "From Malaysia With Love" at Brollies for just RM15.

And this is what she's up to :
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