Brollies @ YOUTH 10

Day 1 is done! See you bright & early at Chic Pop Street Market, Sunway Giza on Saturday, 29th May 2010! While enjoy some candid shots. Thank you!

covered by Skinner

So how to find us at the Youth '10 Festival?

We be in a sea of people so we've got some pointers to help u find us =)
Look out for yellow balloons! (Booth36)
Drop by and say Hi! we'd love to meet you!
and don't forget to break that piggy bank of yours n bring some moo-lah!

See ya! it's gonna be a brollierific weekend!

SNEAK PEEK! Youth'10 & Chic Pop!

Sorry Super Sorry!!!

we've been rather quiet preparing for this weekend.
long story short! we've got a sneak peak of some of our new lovelies.

hard-candy necklaces, rock it with any damn thing!

New one-of-a-kind necklaces!
Each of them inspired by things we love ^^

Fun with flowers!

More cute vintage charms!

Thursday. Bite Me. Rosary-esque necklaces

New ways to work with charms and beads in a not so beady way.
Layer them and watch how the subtlety of these can add highlights to layers of chains


May, the month of Brollies' busy-ness!

Youth '10 Festival
Brollies will be at the gigantosaurus of an event which is the Youth '10 Festival!
Click here for the FB event page and here for the official site.

Pop pop-a-poppin' again!
We will also be at the Chic Pop Street Market on 29 May 2010.

Here's a few tips from the lovely TIC-ettes about the big day out.

Come say hi and buy buy buy!

Brollies in the Tongue in Chic Store!

The awesomely lovely people of TIC has chosen some of our stuff to make an appearance on their brand spanking new online store :D

Click here for double Brollies awesomeness on the interwebz!

Much love to the TIC-ettes for picking our stuff :D

ring in saturday. wake-up late and roll out to brunch.

ain't it a lovely saturday.
lovely saturday calls for lovely things.
so today we have lovely rings =)


friday. lovelies.pitter-patter.

anther lovely to be added to ones collection.
vintage buttons, ballerina slippers, vintage charms, blings delicately draped.

Pretty nice things. here and there.


we've got some pretty things for you today, some more statement pieces that are simple but impactful. Berrr-rock pendants are beautiful rocks of the non-blinging kind, set into a baroque like frame.

stay tuned for more, today is going to be sporadic post day where we will be bombarding you with more than 1 kind of goodies. Hoot!

BOOM. thursday. heatwave! popsicles!

more new stuff rollin' in!
we're just bursting with colours this week!!
pieces to brighten up your most basic ensembles or just go wild and funky and layer these to your hearts content.




materials for these come frm our little adventures into obscure places/shops =p you'd be suprised at what you find in these treasure troves!!

wednesday. la-dee-da.headbangin!

yeap! brand spankin new is our quirky line of headbands. lovingly cut and stitched with quirky delight. yes we were tickled with the idea of wearing lil owls, crowns & speech bubbles!!

who-day? it's tuesday. hoot!

We be unleashing new stuff over the week.
Would like to just unleash them all now but then where's the torture in that?

Up first owl rings, speech bubble rings handmade with lurve.
Yes lovingly cut and stitched! ring size is adjustable =)

We can make new batches upon request!