charm me a saturday

friday is gonna be a splash!

We at brollies had a case of itchy fingers here and were reliving some hand painting classes. Fresh out hand painted/tie-dyed pants & tights.

paintpaintpants series features stretchable jeans in an assortment of colours: black, white, baby blue, blue, grey and maroon. Each one of them are done individually so none of them are alike ;)

tie my dye-tights series comes in black (for now) like painpaintpants each of them are different from the other so expect your very own one-of-a-kind! =)

(please click on image for a better view)
for more information feel free to drop us a mail!

cuff me. thursday

Cuff me. Is another favourite of ours, if you are one of those who have always dreamt of owning a pair of cuffs *grin*

(please click on image for a better view)

brace urself. friday

yes, today its rainin bracelets.
we're gonna start of with some simple pieces, layers of chains and subtle details. they work alone or with any damn thing u want =p

(click on image for a better view)

chain me up. buttercup!

we've yet to post our body-chains online so i say it's about damn time we do!

first up simple explanation of how this works.
our body-chains come in the simplest format we could think of which is just one long chain. from there you can make as many variation as you want. we've done up a few samples for you but we're pretty sure you can make more!

wear it as a body-chain, layered necklace, layered bracelet, layered anklet, a belt if u like! possibilities are endless!

(please click on image for a better preview)

Drop us a mail if ur interested to purchase our body-chains, more will be comin out! don't worry there is a short guide on how to wear it! (included once it is purchased =)

button my buttons!

last post for the day, button my buttons!
is our new series of bracelets we're unleashing, no hooks no clasps!
just a simple loop over a button and...

* presto!
layered bracelet+cute button+lil charm

(please click on image for a better view)

trees glorious trees!

when was the last time u hugged a tree? =p
simple charms to wear alone or by itself.

(please click on image for a better view)

tuesday. charm your socks off!

it's now time for another edisi of 'charm your socks off!'

we got pretty good response from our first batch of charms so we went out a hunting for more!
(please click on image for a better view)

Popping with the best of em!

It's time to take Brollies on another day out...woot~
This time we will be at the Chic Pop:Street Market.

Date: 3 & 4 Oct 09

Time: 11am - 6pm

Venue: Zouk KL, Jalan Ampang

Come shop!Come shop!

riiing in wednesday.

yep we are riiingin in wednesday with some not so heavyweight rings!
handmade rings warna emas tidak ber-karat!

whats nice about these ber-karat-less babies are its play of textured details.

please click on image for a better view







tuesday. day before mid-week. joyride.

we are on the eve of mid-week!
yes the more u think of it that way the closer u are to the weekend!

So today, we're kickin off another round of hunted pre-loved goodies. This time round styled with just basic everyday items. Just goes to show sometimes all it takes is a lil jolt to give a twist to a basic ensemble.

blouse:loved10 SOLD

Click on image for a better preview
pease note all accompanying article of clothings, shoes, accessories are for styling purposes only.

it's a WHOO! day.

bleah, who likes monday?
so we're renaming it to WHOO! day.
and posting a bunch W-HOO's to celebrate it!

without a further a HOOT!