Swwwwwiiiiiiiiish it's friday!!

dust*dust* (shy)
sorry guys we've been pretty swamped with our day-jobs and like we said we'd be putting up new stuff at the end of August. New stuff was out on the 31st at the No Plastic Bag bazaar, we'd like to say thanks for those who stopped by our lil stall we hope u had a brollierific merdeka day!

Web posting will began slowly but steadily.
First up we will be posting our handmade swishes!
Once more same format with 3 different ways you can totally rock em!
All skirts are RM25
Click on image for a better preview for more details just drop us a mail!

All righty a click of the mouse and a swish! we go:

Swish08 (yes it's lil hippo's on the skirt =)
(can be remade)

Swish09 (silhouettes of leaves)

Swish10 (SOLD)

Swish 11 (love thy trees!)

Please note accompanying article of clothings, accesories, shoes, bags are for styling purposes only.