Bizarre Bazaar

We've got new goodies! With Raya, Merdeka etc around the corner we're sure you'd have many places to be and faces to see :D Come shop with us this weekend!

Details below:

Saturday. POW!

Saturday and just keeps gettin better!

Tetrominoes latest partner in crime, Tetroringoes!
Yeap one punch will definitely leave and imprint on you =p

Friday. Get your tetris geek on!

Tetris-fest doesn't end here there is still another surprise to come!!!
Remember these are very limited stock so place your orders.

All of them are chained on black chain, length 33-35 cm end to end, so you can jsut slip them over your head. But if you'd like it longer or shorter we can tailor-make them to your preferences.

Thursday. Day before.....

Back by demand! There was a tiny uproar when we ran out of tetrominos! It took us awhile.. and quite a bit of hunting. Stay tuned it will be unleashed tomorrow!

So stayed glued to your screens cuz these babies are back but only for a limited time only.

thank god monday is over. tuesday. what a gem!

don't know about you but the weather is telling us to just zzZZzzzz....
if you are at work and need a lil sumthing-sumthing to wake u up, we've got a lil sumthing-sumthing *wink-wink/nudge-nudge*

Another new line of stuff! As mentioned in previous post we have been experimenting and learning how to use our materials in more ways than one!

All these are made on order so if you have a specific length in mind do let us know.
For bigger image just click on the image, for more info just drop us a mail!

Also we are experimenting with our product displays on the site if you have feedback or comments, please drop us a mail =)

We'd love to hear your comments and improve our site for your viewing pleasure.

ROaWr! Ring-in the weekend!

We're starting off with new rings! Yes their names are quite random and so are we! For more details just scroll down below!

Sorry forgot to include measurements are in mm.

For a bigger view just click on the image.
More details just drop us a mail!


We've been pretty silent of late we apologize for letting the site grow some mold.... Nevertheless we've got some new stuff for you guys! We didn't just sit around twiddling our thumbs while the mold grew. There has been some hunting and experimenting in the Brollies workshop and we hope you will like what you see ;)

Anyway yes! stay tuned as we begin updating our site with new goodies! You heard us we're spraying some 'mold-be-gone' and putting up pretty new things.

Brollies is having another weekend out!

Come shop shop shop!