Nadhira's in da house!

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Wednesday. yabadabadoo. what's new.

Hello wednesday,

Friday.come take a walk in our garden!

Yay it's friday!
Some more of our new lovelies!

wednesday.get quirky. gobble like a turkey.


We are tickled with delight to show u more new quirky highlights from our decoupage line.

day after monday. time for a cuppa tea. wednesday is tmrw!

Yes we said there would be more, and there still is more!
Really feeling inspired the loveliness that is summer, this range of necklaces are one of a kind, not all can be remade. They add a lil pizzaz to basic outfits.

Thursday. We told you so. Necklace overdose

Thursday. Why ain't it Friday? Necklace overdose.

First batch of things!
Long rosary-esque chains with fun pendants!!!



more to come!

Good Morning. Thursday. teaser for breakfast?


We're going to be posting new stuff throughout the day, this is just the first of many =)
Dragonfly glass pendant necklaces.

stay tuned for more!