weaverific wednesday!

Last post for the day!

We also want to apologize to our fellow shoppers we are workin as fast as we can to finish making all orders and mailing them to you!

Have a brollierific day!
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wednesday. it's a sunny day!

Hi everyone,
it looks like it's gonna be a sunny day!

blouse: loved14 SOLD

Go w!ld, it's almost wednesday!

It's been awhile but we have hunted hv come bck with some goodies!
Check them out below and a remix of 3 different ways to wear em'!

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tuesday. day after monday.

All rite tuesdays kick-offs are no other than tetrominoes!

tetromino [L] SOLD

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BOOM! monday!

Once more we are faced with monday.
so prepare yourself for an explosion of random things today!
We apologize for our usual slugish pace of posting also really sorry we are working as fast as we can to fulfill your orders please bare with us.

First up another body chain! you can find the various ways of wearing them here =)

A little bit of monday charm to charm those blues away =p

okay last one for the day!
weave-a-rific bracelets! for those who love a POP! of colour to add to your layered bracelet collection. these are our single gold chain weave bracelets, more to come!

Please click on the images for a better preview and questions just drop us a mail!

rise of the tetrominoes. hey it's wednesday!

hey everyone!
mid-week always gives us a reason to smile cuz the weekend is just around the corner!
so today we're gonna post up a new favourite of ours. yes sounds like dominoes could also pass as mosquitoes but nope its tetrominoes!

as a big tetris fan, this is our salute to tetris! =p

(please click on the image for a better preview)
there are more to come this is just the beginning!

Absolutely weaving online debut!

Some of you may have seen these beauties at Chic Pop.

They're here now!

Chic Pop street market

Today was rather tiring, I missed the 1st day of Chic Pop due to work. Workin on a sunday really sucks. Anyway as one of the resident Brollies photographer this is what i manage to snap! Enjoy