Spring is a ringing. ring-a-ling-a-ling.

Okay last of the rings today.
We know our rings seem hugely obscene just a tad bit =p
But we say go all out why don'tcha *winks*

Rings are adjustable.

Prance around barefoot. Walk like an egyptian yo!

These are are one of our favs, abit heavy but they sure are pretty!
If you need just one show stopper ring to complete a basic ensemble this one's the one!

rings are adjustable.

ring. ring. whose there?

Wohoo friday is just a few hours away!
lookin forward to the weekend! Hell yeahh!!!

So like we said, we be workin hard and we got more stuff for you today!
Todays stuff comes from wandering around forgotten corners. When we saw this we had to control ourselves and not go ape shit over what we should make them into =)

Rings are adjustable.

wednesday. gimme a sugar rush. wheeee!

See told you it's gonna be sccchhhhwwwwweeeeet today!

available in: tangy orange, minty white, purple is grape, greengreen pear.
rings are adjustable.

wednesday.sugar tooth. dandy.

Yes been workin hard lotsa new handmade goodies! to come stay tune!! (pinky promise)

First up! sum pretty sweet things =)

teeny SOLD OUT

skirt monday blues away.

Last batch of clothes for the day!
We're putting out 3 distinct types of skirts for you to match all your moods.

Edgy then go abstract.
Sexy well then lace up ladies.
Slack then slip on a comfy studded piece.

Abstract whats that SOLD out

Please click on image for a larger preview.
Please note all unmarked items are strictly used for styling purposes only.

monday. where the wild things at. RaWr.

Please click on image for a larger preview.

please note all unmarked items are stricly used for styling purposes only.

sssssnake is SOLD

day after sunday. eye candy. kaching-ching

Get ready today is gonna be a bunch of clothes.
sorry we've been sluggish once more, busy working on new jewelry and prepping our sewing machines *hint* *hint*

Please click on image for a bigger preview!

hello.jello.clothes that aint yellow.

all accompanying items are used strictly for styling purposes.