Friday. Hot like fudge day.

Hi everyone,

Weekends just hours away so we're gonna be posting some stuff up to for some weekend perusals.

The lace tank dress are all sold out! Hotcakes!

That's not all that's lace, Lace print T's
available fits sizes UK6-10

Lace T Black (sold)
Lace T White (sold)

pink+cyan+black (Sold)
blue+purple+yellow (Sold)
purple+black (Sold)

Please note additional items were for styling purposes only

Rose Tulip skirt (all sold)
For more info on size/measurements feel free to drop us a mail

Friday. It ain't over yet!

Last post of the day!
We mentioned awhile ago we were working on new body chains.
It took awhile because we wanted it to be easy to wear. For that we have body chain vest, it can be worn at the back or in the front. Just slip it on like ur wearing a vest!

Please click on image for a better view.
Chain vest can be custom-made to fit.


It's that time of the year again. Are your wallets are feeling a little empty?

What to do? Shop at Brollies, of course!

Get several gifts with JUST RM50. Yeah, we're cheap like that :P

Love and be loved this Christmas. Shop with us. You know you want to... :)

Say what? Its friday!

Weekends just a breath a way! And we have a lil something-something to share!!

For us comfort is essential but who says comfy things have to be plain and dull?
We say it should be comfy yet funky and basic yet slighty (just a teensy-weensy) racy!

Tanks fits sizes UK 6-10


For a better view please click on image.

Thursday.Lace.Candied Apples

Something to keep u ladies nice and warm!

fits size UK4-8

All leggings are free size:

For a better preview please click on the images

tie-dye-rific wednesday!

Hi all,
today's drop is nothing but comfy basics but remixed in tie-dye!
hope u like em'!

tank-a-rific- yellow+grey (sold out)

Black T SOLD



Orange T SOLD


Violet T SOLD

Please click on image for a better preview.
Note all the T-shirts fits size UK6-10

*additional items were used for styling purposes only*

tuesday. we could do with some cotton candy.

hi all,
well we don't have cotton candy but we do have some new clothes =)

Paint splatter dress(all sold)
comes in 3 colours: tan, grey, pink
Fits UK4-8

Day after Sunday. New Stuff!

Hi all,

It's been awhile we've been busy moving in and settling down in Pink Tattoos =)
We're gonna post some new stuff out!

Per-perr-princess RM30
iheart[u] RM15
tie me a bow RM35
me chainy RM28

basic gold RM15
silver rope RM18
chainfalls RM28
raindrop RM25
anchors away RM12

left to right

Gold slinky chain bib RM15
Gold Aeroplane RM10
Silver single mix chain RM15
Gold barber scissors RM10
Gold key RM10
Silver Bicycle RM12
Silver wishbone RM10
Silver dice pair RM10
Gold barber comb RM10
Gold radio set RM12
Gold pair of ballerina slippers RM15
Gold anchor Rm10

For more information please drop us a mail =)

Brollies @ Pink Tattoos!

Brollies will now have a physical retail presence at Pink Tattoos in Subang Jaya!

We would like to invite you to the launching of Pink Tattoos + Wheel Love Skateshop which are located on the Ground and First floor of a quaint corner in SS15 Subang Jaya.

More details below:

And here's how to get there:

Please come, say hi, bring friends & family and celebrate a new chapter of brollierificness with us!

Chic Pop 2

Hello peeps, once again kudos to Chic Pop for having another great event! And the part 2 is seriously FUN. Btw is near Christmas isn't it? Are we're all expecting part 3 hehe. Again my bad i blamed the lens for not wide enough to cover every corner in Zouk perhaps maybe in another month i will have a ultrawide lens 14-24mm f/2.8. Hope you enjoy the photos and thank you.

Your potongrapher,

Pop..pop..popping again!

Yeap! Brollies will be at Chic Pop again on 15 November 2009! More details below.

what a fringer-ific day!

The fringe awesomeness goes for RM50 a piece.
Limited pieces in white, black and gray, so hurry! :p
All sold out

weaverific wednesday!

Last post for the day!

We also want to apologize to our fellow shoppers we are workin as fast as we can to finish making all orders and mailing them to you!

Have a brollierific day!
(please click on image for a better preview)

wednesday. it's a sunny day!

Hi everyone,
it looks like it's gonna be a sunny day!

blouse: loved14 SOLD

Go w!ld, it's almost wednesday!

It's been awhile but we have hunted hv come bck with some goodies!
Check them out below and a remix of 3 different ways to wear em'!

(please click on image for a better preview)

tuesday. day after monday.

All rite tuesdays kick-offs are no other than tetrominoes!

tetromino [L] SOLD

(please click on image for a better view)

BOOM! monday!

Once more we are faced with monday.
so prepare yourself for an explosion of random things today!
We apologize for our usual slugish pace of posting also really sorry we are working as fast as we can to fulfill your orders please bare with us.

First up another body chain! you can find the various ways of wearing them here =)

A little bit of monday charm to charm those blues away =p

okay last one for the day!
weave-a-rific bracelets! for those who love a POP! of colour to add to your layered bracelet collection. these are our single gold chain weave bracelets, more to come!

Please click on the images for a better preview and questions just drop us a mail!

rise of the tetrominoes. hey it's wednesday!

hey everyone!
mid-week always gives us a reason to smile cuz the weekend is just around the corner!
so today we're gonna post up a new favourite of ours. yes sounds like dominoes could also pass as mosquitoes but nope its tetrominoes!

as a big tetris fan, this is our salute to tetris! =p

(please click on the image for a better preview)
there are more to come this is just the beginning!