Day after Sunday. New Stuff!

Hi all,

It's been awhile we've been busy moving in and settling down in Pink Tattoos =)
We're gonna post some new stuff out!

Per-perr-princess RM30
iheart[u] RM15
tie me a bow RM35
me chainy RM28

basic gold RM15
silver rope RM18
chainfalls RM28
raindrop RM25
anchors away RM12

left to right

Gold slinky chain bib RM15
Gold Aeroplane RM10
Silver single mix chain RM15
Gold barber scissors RM10
Gold key RM10
Silver Bicycle RM12
Silver wishbone RM10
Silver dice pair RM10
Gold barber comb RM10
Gold radio set RM12
Gold pair of ballerina slippers RM15
Gold anchor Rm10

For more information please drop us a mail =)