it's rainin Brollies come Merdeka Day!

Hi everyone!

As mentioned we would be unveiling new stuff come end of this month.
Brollies is going to be at the No Plastic Bag Bazaar.
Come one, come all!
Celebrate Hari Merdeka with us and all the new bright, happy-coloured stuff!!

Feel free to drop a hi!
We'd love to meet you if you're there =)

colour me tuesday

more colours, more one of a kind pendants to colour your tuesday happy!

we have some sort of unhealthy obsession/infatuation with owls and hot air balloons!
what can we say it brings a smile to our faces so we hope it does the same for u too!
have a happy tuesday!

fun things on a monday

Once more we are faced with another monday.
Thought we'd post some fun things to brighten up your monday blues!


*we are in the midst of churning out new HOOTS! so just keep watchin this space =)!

i scream. u scream. we scream. ICE CREAM!!

weather has been hot & sticky of late so we thought why not accompany the weather with some hot & sticky accessories!
(please click on image for a larger preview)

scream lemonie SOLD
scream raspberry SOLD

sorry these two were tucked away in a corner =p

Hari Kemerdekaan yang Brollierific!

Hey! Brollies is going to be at the No Plastic Bag Bazaar.
Come one, come all!
Celebrate Hari Merdeka with us!

Toodle loo!

friday. charm your socks off!

Weekend is just in a few hours time, so maybe it's time to get lucky!

Today it's still accessories but with a bit of charm to it.
These pieces are simple pieces that can work alone or layered with other accessories.

We couldn't resist escaping on a lil vintage bicycle, getting lucky from a wishbone and of course feelin dainty with a tippy-toe'd ballerina.
(please click on image for a larger preview)

come ride with me SOLD

make a wish SOLD

pointy toes SOLD

thursday. The day before friday!

We are on the eve of a Friday which means the eve-eve of a weekend!
So we are gonna take a break from all the swishing and pre-loved goodies to drop some handmade, one of a kind goodies!!

These are just the first few of more to come!
Please click on image for a bigger preview.

flight of the bicycle SOLD

swish, it's wednesday! All hail skirt day!

Alright we've just proclaimed today skirt day so let us keep this post short and sweet!
Check out our swishes below and previous post and the banyak-banyak (many-many) ways you can style them. Please note the accompanying items are for styling purposes only.

Each skirt is RM25.
Click on images for a bigger preview.
Swish and away we go!

Swish07 SOLD*

Swish06 (SOLD)

swish05 SOLD*

pretty dresses to brighten up your day

From left to right:loved03, lovedo4, loved05

From left to right:loved06, lovedo7, (loved08 - SOLD)

All dresses ready for you to love at RM25 each.