bring on the weekend!

weekend is peeking in, FINALLY!

We are feelin the lurve and awaiting the escape that the weekend brings!

Friday goodies:
Heart shaped lockets in gold and silver.
You can also put your loved ones photo inside.

(please click on image for a larger preview)

have a great weekend!

thursday. eat ur tofu day!

This is another favourite handmade of ours:
It's good for when you desperately need utensils to eat/snack on food.
It's also good to wear in loooong meetings where all you want to do is really stab yourself to save your eardrums!

well maybe the last one not applicable to all but hey! you never know when such opportunity may arise!

(please click on image for a larger preview)

to eat or not to eat? SOLD

mid-week. kick-off!

Hey all!

We are gonna kick mid-week off with some skirts!
We've done up a lil moodboard on some ways to rock a simple skirt. We would love for someone to come adopt these skirts and rock it in their own way =) They are all one of a kind and handmade, for further details just drop us a mail and we will be more than happy to fill you in on what you want to know about them.
(click on image for a larger preview)

For now let us swish on to the first skirt:

swish01: RM25 SOLD

swish02: RM25 SOLD

swish03: RM25 SOLD

swish04: RM25

Lovely Lovable Pre-Loved Gems
Yes! They were loved before! Now it's your turn!
We accessorised them for your viewing pleasure.
Enjoy!(click for a better view)

From left: loved01, loved02 SOLD , loved03

All 3 dresses going for RM25 each.
(Accessories are for presentation purposes only)

tuesday teasers

helloo tuesday!!

it has been awhile but we were just waiting for the right time!
ok we have just been producing in slug-like rate! hehe.. never the less, tuesday teasers will serve as a lil peek into what's to come in the next few days so watch this space.

first up handmade experime.... i mean goodies!!!

Next are one of our favourites!
reverseable wooden pendants, they each have a story to tell but for now just a lil sneak peek!

Ok one more spoiler for the day!
them weave bracelets are also back!
with a new addition!

tomorrow the unveiling begins!
seeya then!

Brollies' day out at the Putrajaya Skate Park

We were there supporting our respective other halves and decided to do a "lawatan sambil bekerja" while at the skate park.

More skate pics at wheel_love.

LOT 10 Weekends Street Market has been canceled...

Hey everyone,
Sadly, the Lot 10 Street Market on 18 & 19 July 2009 has officially been canceled due to unavoidable circumstances.

So we shall look forward to the next awesome street market organised by Tongue in Chic.

In the meantime, shop with Brollies right here on our site!
More goodies coming up just for you!

Stay tuned :)

A bit delayed...

More from Brollies' day out at Urbanscapes

*these images are courtesy of sukeats
**the previous photos of us at Urbanscapes were courtesy of Skinner

goodies for the day after monday.

we make a good pair
lovebird necklaces, limited stock.
(click on image for a better view)

toasty mitten earrings, limited stock.
(click on image for a better view)

for more details/enquiries on items posted just drop us an email!

mundane monday?...get WILD away!

screw mondays, let's runaway to the land of cuteness!
todays post is going to be a bit safari-esque so please keep your hands on the mouse and your eyes firmly on the screen. we promise these wildly cute things don't bite!

Oh Deer necklaces! : SOLD
(click on image for larger view)

(click on image for larger view)
for more details of each item and images just drop us an email!

say hi to ellie. ellie who?

(click on image for a better view)

ellie happens to be the tiniest elephant in the world.
despite her size ellie has a hunger for great adventure and is looking to be someones traveling buddy!

(P/S: i think she's the least fussy traveller i.e. no fighting on where to eat, where to go, where to stay!)


goodies. come a rollin on in.

hey all!

we are now in the process of churning out new stuff!
so for now we hope our current stock will suffice.
click on images for a better view!

*Sold out

*Sold out

watch this space!