u long time!

Nope still ain't over yet for wednesday.
Next up are basic pieces which you can never go wrong with whether it be paired with a basic ensemble or crazy layered for that bohemian feel. It can even jazz-up a simple work outfit. We kid you not! these just ooze basic comfort =)

These silver mermaid drop pendants come in blue, purple and clear.
The silver rope chain length is about 76cm end to end.

These sahara drops comes in the following colours:
blue, yellow, orange, green (as seen in pic above)
The bronze chain length is about 66cm end to end.

These morning dew drops comes in the following colours:
green, clear, pink (as seen in pic above)
There is also orange, yellow, blue and purple available
The vintage gold chain length is about 66cm end to end.

Drop us an email if u have any enquiries or custom orders, we can adjust chain length and pendant colours, and if u like add on. =)

wednesday. i hex u. one more time kthnksbai!

the hex-ing ain't over yet!
it's been awhile since we've had new bracelets, we love chunky- we love funky and if u do too!

Then you may like these new line of chunky bracelets! layer them with your watch and other simple chains or really play up the funky part and add all your assorted colourful bracelets and vintage pieces for a unique touch!

The bracelets are adjustable but to be on the safe side kindly send in your wrist measurements if you have enquiries on this item. We can always adjust the size to fit you =)

Top to bottom: 1-5

wednesday.i hex u day. kthnksbai!

Hey everyone!!
Sorry for the loooooong silence!
Been busy with 2 awesome bazaars and would like to thank all who stopped by to say hi!

Ok so be prepared to be bombarded! yes lots of new stuff!

We've been liking the comfort of long necklaces of late, easy to wear and gives a nice laidback feel to any attire. So we hope you like our latest batch of funky necklaces!

Their lengths are about 70-73cm in length (from end to end) we can also customise the length for you if you wish, just drop us a mail for further enquiries =)

KLUE UrbanScapes 2010

My bad, the weather is too hot for me to walk around to snap more photos. I K.O. by noon and hiding under the shades whole day long. So, here are some of photos i took in the 1st quarter from KLUE UrbanScapes 2010.



Follow the golden stars, girls and boys:)
And you will end up in Brollieland!

More details on Urbanscapes here.

Come visit, say hi and check out the new goodies we've made :D

You likey?

We have made a new and exclusive range for the lovely TIC-ettes :D
All this and more in the Tongue in Chic Store.

Learn what "Brollie-fying Your Old Stuff" is all about at The Climate Change Week Eco Bazaar.

Do your part for the environment, fashionably :)

Donate your old, outdated, unwanted jewelry to us or let us make those pieces you thought you couldn't wear anymore current again!

We can make these into this chunky rockstar necklace to jazz up any tried old outfit.

Remember the days of the rampant RM10 for 3 earrings? You have a whole drawer full of it? So do most of us. We can use 'em!

These are just a few samples of what we can do for you. Come check us out at the Eco Bazaar and show us what you have!

Don't forget! 19 June 2010 Lot 10 KL. Starts at 10 am!

Thursday. We're alive! have sum Kandy!

Hi guys,
Sorry been pretty swamped at Brollies headquarters of late.
Still have more new stuff comin your way for now we've got some eye-candy for you =)
Looks sweet but don't let em colours fool you cuz it's got some chainy attitude as well.

These are limited pieces.

For more info drop us a mail.